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Infinite Regress Collective Mixtape 2008

This is year two for the Infinite Regress Collective Mixtape project on Tim's blog of the same name, Infinite Regress.

The concept of how the project works is simple:
  • People pick a song to cover and record to submit to the mixtape. Preferably the song would be from the last year of music (a guideline I totally missed in the 2007 mixtape when I covered a Yaz track from 1982!)
  • Tim collects all of the cover songs people submit, and begins posting them day by day for listening and commenting.
  • Once it's all finished up he burns them all to CDs with killer original cover art and sends them out to participants, friends and loved ones.
For me, it's a great excuse to be creative and make something for the sake of making something. What a country!

This year I decided to stay in this century and had a go with "Ready for the Floor" originally by Hot Chip. You can check the post on Infinite Regress with more description.

Here is the cover itself for your listening pleasure.

Ready For the Floor (Cover) - Lippy

I highly recommend keeping up with the daily posts on IR - they are sure to be varied, inspirational and good ol' fashioned fun.


Well here's a little ditty just for you ! I've put together this (almost) hour long mix called groovetime. It's a collection of some of my favorite songs I've heard in the last few months, pasted together with a few extra edits and treats along the way.


1. Intro - Guitar
2. Zadie Bobo - Ernesto Djedje
3. Paper Planes (DFA Remix) - M.I.A.
4. DWYCK (Little Kids remix) - Gang Starr
5. Ooh Baby- Pamoja (DJ Lippy Edit)
6. Gimme Some (Mike Mangini Remix) - Nina Simone
7. Tears Dry on their Own (New Young Pony Club Fucked-Up Remix) - Amy Winehouse
8. Honey (Captain Planet Remix) - Erykah Badu
9. Groove Time (DJ Lippy Edit)- Monguito Santamaria
10. Theme from Which Way is Up? - Stargard
11. All Through the Night - Escort
12. Gold Rush - The Chandeliers
13. Raid (Koushik Remix) - Madvillain
14. Uphill Peace of Mind - Carol Grimes
15. Stand (Larry Levin Mix) - The Joubert Singers
16. Lady - Modjo
17. Outro - Guitar

Here's groovetime as one long mp3 to listen to or download:
DJ Lippy - groovetime

Also, here is a .zip file of the mix split into separate tracks
DJ Lippy - groovetime ZIP

Hit me up with some comments and tell me what you think!

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