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Bang That Door

I've been quietly working on this one for a minute. I used to work with a guy named Hakim - he's one of those people you hope you have the pleasure of being around when you're on the j-o-b. Hakim would sing his way through the workday, and would often make up songs about things that happened and the people he interacted with.

The thing is - the dude has chops. Sure, I know you have some dude at your job that does the same thing, but they don't sound as good as Hakim.

Before moving on to a new gig, we recorded a bunch of acapella tracks to have on hand. I now present the first of what I hope are many Hakim's Moods remixes. I know isn't my normal "style" of music to make, but whatever. It sounds right, and I like trying new things. Let's go hang gliding together sometime.

Lippy (ft. Hakim) - Bang That Door

3 Responses to “Bang That Door”

  1. # Blogger rebecca

    awwww saturday morning surprise TREAT! h. really does sing like no other. ...on the day of my interview, I sat in the lobby, waiting, and h., behind his desk, was singing the sound of music all crazy-operatically and perfectly, and it made the place seem something I'd made up in my dreams.  

  2. # Blogger Hakim Williams

    i was LOLing my tail off..this is great...i cud only imagine wut u can do wid the endless set we recorded...thx lip...dat was way cool...  

  3. # Blogger Amy Plattsmier

    not at all taking away form Hakim's chops and your incomparable mix-in skills, BIL, but i am perhaps most intrigued by the blue jay that shows up on my tab - I pictured that little birdie singing and it made me smile even more.  

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